Meet Carlton

I'm Carlton E. Smith, a native and current resident of Holly Springs, Mississippi and a Democratic Candidate seeking to represent the state's 10th Senate District -- Marshall and Tate Counties. 

During a time of prayer and fasting in the late 1980s, I experienced my call into ordained ministry. It was a moment of profound inspiration that changed the course of my life. Though there were many obstacles along the way, I dared to believe in myself, in God and in my community to guide me. Over the past 30 years, I have sought to fulfill that call, to be of service wherever I could be of use. In 2017, that took me to the streets of Charlottesville and the frontline of the #CvilleClergyCall that peacefully stood in opposition to white supremacists gathered for the August 12 Unite the Right rally.

In recent months, I felt a call to be of service on the state level -- among those dedicated to ensuring that Marshall and Tate Counties and the state of Mississippi overall are the best they can be. I am excited about the adventure that lies ahead as we meet the challenges of our time with deep understanding, integrity and joy. Together, we we will bend the arc of the moral universe towards justice -- that is, towards fairness in our taxes and our utility bills, quality education in our rural and small-town schools, access to affordable medical services, maintenance of our social safety net and compassion toward people in desperate circumstances. We Mississippians have an extraordinary resolve in the face of adversity, and we have the privilege of carrying that legacy forward.

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