This page will become more detailed as the campaign progresses, but for now, here are some 'thumbnail sketches' of the priorities I'll have when I become Senator for Mississippi's 10th District:

Civil Rights: We must protect voting rights and access to the polls that were so fiercely won in the '60s. I will vote in favor of those protections each time.

Economy: In addition to offering incentives to corporations, we must also provide resources for citizens to market goods and services themselves, including public internet access. I will support and introduce legislation that provides incentives for high-school and college graduates to stay in the state, as well as for those who have moved away to return.

Education: An educated people is an empowered people. We must maintain our rural and small-town schools, and find long-term solutions so that we don't allow repairs we've put off to become health and safety issues.

Immigration: Immigrants contribute abundantly to the well-being of our nation and our state. We can create fair and compassionate policies based on this.

Inclusion: All Mississippians have gifts to share, regardless of factors such as ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or physical ability.

Labor: Workers have the right to choose whether they wish to unionize, and should be able to do so free from profit-driven corporate pressure.

Poverty: When people are devalued by their society, then poverty is a natural consequence. We will thrive as we prioritize We-the-People over profit.

Social Safety Net: The most vulnerable among us deserve protection. Social Security is part of the safety net that keeps Mississippi and the US strong. We need to expand Medicaid so we can keep our existing rural hospitals open and improve them.

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